The conference location will take place within the AHL building (bldg. 89/PATHO on map) and in the Ontario Veterinary College Life time Learning Centre (bldg. on map).  Directions to the building can be found here.

Parking: If you plan on parking on campus for full days, please purchase a parking pass for the appropriate days when you register for the conference.  Parking is XX per day.  Alternately, metre parking is available.

Airports: There are several major airports nearby.

  • Toronto Pearson (YYZ) is the most commonly used, and is 75 km from Guelph.
  • Toronto City Centre (Billy Bishop airport- YTZ) is located downtown Toronto on Toronto island (95 km from Guelph).
  • Hamilton International Airport (YHM) is 65 km away
  • Region of Waterloo International airport (YKF) is 20 km away

All offer car rentals from the airport, or see below for airport transportation options.

Transportation to and from airport:

Red Car Service (service from and to all airports in the area):

Black Car Waterloo (from Pearson airport only):

Toronto Airport Taxi (from Pearson airport only):

Guelph Airport Taxi (from Pearson or Toronto City Centre):